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Regarding getting released.... Yes technically you would need permission to split out for that weekend to attend the SFRA and then subsequent drills to train up for SFAS. Speaking from experience, its not going to be that big of a deal. A commander would have to be a huge dick to not allow you to split out to attend tryouts and a few months of train up prior to SFAS...and for what? Its not like you as a new(er) E4 in the unit will be mission critical. And chances are that it is good for his numbers to have you on the books.

If you are in the ARNG of the state where the unit is there will be even LESS chance of any issues. If for some reason you have issues, call the SF unit and they might be able to help work with your chain of command. But I can't see it coming to that.

It's been a Loooong time since A/2/20 dealt with REPs... and my memory goes back a ways now. Tried that when strength was an issue and ended up with a bunch of people hanging around that either kept putting of going to selection, failed selection etc. Non-quals that the unit had to then deal with and move on or otherwise get rid of. Going 11B or some other MOS first is best for the unit and the state. You get qualified in an MOS and help out some other units numbers. iF you get selected then great Xfer into the SF unit and go to the Q. If not, no paperwork for the SF unit or anyone else for that matter to do. You just go on back to drilling with your unit.

As an FYI, I am assuming that you know that A/2/20 is moving to IN. E date 1 SEP 16 IIRC. Camp Atturbury, IN.
Is there anyway to add release ability to my contract. I don't want to be 'that guy' who is looking to leave before I even know what I'm doing. But at the same time I'm focused and motivated and want to get an opportunity. I have been told that after OSUT I'll want a few months to train up and get some strength back that I'll need for the team events, get issued my gear, settle back into civilian life, as well as the unit. I have everything planned out that if I leave for OSUT in April I would have about 3 months to train and get back into SFAS ready shape for the SFRE that should happen around October (6 months from the next scheduled SFRE in April.)
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