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Originally Posted by stevekoz View Post
2. After speaking to the A/2/20 recruiting rep. he doesn't think the unit is even offering the 18x/ Rep 63 because they have been getting burned by guys not making it so they are resorting to option C.
Unless the Rep 63 program has changed, you are getting bad information. The Rep 63 program is a win-win for the gaining state. If you are successful in the Q-course, the unit gains an MOS-Q SF soldier. If you fail the Q-course, and after any recycles have been exhausted, you revert to your initial acquisition MOS and the respective state assigns you to a unit. The state still gains a qualified soldier.

Additionally, the NG SF unit doesn't pay a dime for the Rep 63 training. Nor does the state. It is a federal program that pays for a first-time enlistee to become MOS-Q, in whatever MOS the state has a need. The only thing the NG SF unit may control, is whether or not they want the state to enlist you under the Rep 63 program with an 18-series MOS. In Texas, the NG SF units have approval authority on whether or not recruiters enlist a soldier for SF under the Rep-63 program.

{Edit: If you are trying to enlist in Indiana and they don't have an SF unit, that is likely why you can't get a Rep 63 contract for SF.If the unit is moving to Indiana, your state would have to ask for an exception, based on the fact they will be gaining an SF unit.}
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