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Originally Posted by Wiseman View Post
My rationale would be for this to be done on an indigenous population as a routine medical procedure ( if the medic suspects that there a tumor involved) in nations were complex equipment is not readily available.

I mean, having done IHC and cryosectioning, it is time consuming and this is just expedient. Now, there are definitely more markers one can use aside the usual suspect such as p53, EGFR, HER2... and etc
What do you propose to do with the indiginous person who gets diagnosed with cancer by this test? The therapies ain't cheap and typically are not stable for periods of time. We currently have a national shortage of BCNU which is used in almost all lymphoma treatment protocols to the extent that we are nto able to administer it to our patients here in the states.

We have enough trouble paying for treatment and providing it to our own - taking this to the third world does not make sense to me. Unless you want to impress the locals with your ability to predict death and want to be labeled as a "prophet/seer".
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