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Downrange "testing"

My team has 6 x Light, 6 x Heavy, and 1 x MK-13 (EGLM) in AFG now. We also took our full compliment of M-4s. A few of the salty guys that were late additions to the team refused to patrol with the new weapon systems, no worries. A couple of us ran them through the entire PMT (6 WHOLE weeks, WTF!) and have used a variant of the two SCARs throughout this deployment. We got in a pretty heavy contact on one patrol. During the PMT we had a cracked pistol grip where it attached to the lower receiver and it had to be replaced (SCAR L). The weapon systems took some time for the operators to adjust to, as already mentioned in this forum. I have had, to date, zero malfunctions from the SCAR H since we received them a year ago. The SCAR-L gave me one magazine feed issue, placing the magazine in with the bolt forward, and then charging the bolt resulted in a double feed??? Other than that , I've had no issues.

I'm not an 18B or an armorer, and frankly know just enough to keep my weapon working and clean, so my technical knowledge is limited to basic user level. I will say that hands down, having 7.62 rounds (LR) flying out towards the enemy at significant range (600-800m) has been a big advantage. Most of our engagements have been at range. My SOs use their own weapon systems mission dependent, and a couple of my guys carry the SCAR H, and half the team is using either M4s or SCAR Ls. The issue is cross loading ammo. We went black on ammo in all systems during the big TIC and our speedballs came in and saved our ass. Me and two of my guys carrying the SCAR H with the LCAN and the bipod/fwd pistol grip loved the set up and had good affects. I had to put out some suppressive fire and the limitation of only 20 rds per mag sucked. Speaking of mags, the SCAR H mags are one of a kind, not interchangeable with M-14s / SR-25...WTF?? I guess FN needs to make their money, but how did we let that happen?

I like the capability this weapon system brings to the team. With our SR25s, 240, SCAR-Hs, M-24s, and the sketchy M110s (no more sketchy then the SCAR I suppose), we have a team wide 7.62 capability which is pretty relevant for this AO. I've seen the latest MARSOF teams show up with a couple of SCAR Hs (only weeks ago), and now my new STS guy just brought a SCAR H and MK-13 into theater. I've also heard rumor the we (USASFC) will not receive more SCARs or parts, but this team has definitely enjoyed the 7.62 capability on this trip, regardless of platform. Who ever has the power, we've got to get the teams this 7.62 capability (besides belt feds and sniper systems) for this theater.

My two cents...I don't care what weapon platform it is, I just want to be able to have 7.62 across the team if we so deem it necessary. The SCAR H has served us well on this trip, although I'm sure there are better weapon systems out there. My question is, not unlike most of yours, why don't we have them?

BTW, can someone tell me when I'm coming home??!!
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