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Originally Posted by MILON View Post

I've been reading the thread and have a question.

Can you define in the Line of Gravity? I believe I know what this means, but want to make sure I have the right idea.


Draw an imaginary line straight through you head to toe.
Imagine a weight on that line....then understand that as the weight move up that line it's resistance is the same. to move that weight outside that line will change it resistance.

Okay..If you are standing and are doing a curl. The resistance to your Bicep is increased as the weight moves away (arching) from the body. It's greatest resistance to the bicept is 90 degrees out in front. As you continue to raise the weight toword you it decreases in resistance.

Think of the diifferences of doing a sit up on level ground then on a elevated plan or on a declining plan easier.

Just use apporved exercises and good posture. Okay?
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