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Free weights

Free weights work well but care in exercise design requires LOG and ensuring full range of motion.
Free weights are fine when exercises are designed with most of the motion IN the line of gravity. A good trainer will be able to design the exercises. The advantage of free weights is the "plyometric" effect of the hyper speed reps (the deceleration and acceleration of each rep. Works fine!!
This previous statement says "yes" to free weights.
Here are some pointers:
1. Blitzing is Blitzing.
2. Design circuits the same (6 to 8 exercises)
3. Ensure each exercise is positioned as to provide the most of the weight's "travel" is in the Line Of Gravity (LOG).
4. The "plyometric" effect is a good advantage of free weights and introduced into the exercises by the hyper speed reps (the deceleration and acceleration of each rep).
5. Pay strict attention to the "preformance Points" I sent you.
6. 20% increses in weight after "goal Reps" are met in 3 circuits of each exercise as it happens.
7. A modification to free weight use is to recalculate your Starting weight to 1/4th of your 1 RM as opposed to 1/3rd. This should decrease problems created be #4.
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