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Blitzing is done at such a high rep rate that many pieces of equipment are not appropriate for use. Best results are with cable machines like Bow Flex, Weider Crossbow, Weider Cross Bar platinum, Bio flex. Keiser pneumatic equipment, And Power tech leverage type equipment.

The reason standard stack weights don’t work well is because of the high speed of reps, which cause the weights to free float and limit the rep speed.

Free weights work well but care in exercise design requires LOG and ensuring full range of motion.
Free weights are fine when exercises are designed with most of the motion IN the line of gravity. A good trainer will be able to design the exercises. The advantage of free weights is the "plyometric" effect of the hyper speed reps (the deceleration and acceleration of each rep. Works fine!!

Some detail on the different Machines.

The Blitz system requires detailed weight increases as you progress, and these increases will require 1# increments. With that being the case you may have to use 1 a 2 pound wrist weights to correct the weight.

1. Bow Flex uses power rods that provide 5# incremental increases.

2. Weider Cross Bow uses 10# resisted bars. will need to have 5# and $ one # wts for each arm additional.

3. Weider Cross Bar platinum has 1# incremental changes electrical Box to set resistance.

4. Bio Flex has 10# increments on a slide bar. very smooth and fast

5. Keiser equipment is pneumatic controlled at 1# increments. (excellent machines)

6. Power Tech equipment uses a lever system and plate weights, so weights can be applied as needed. Good machines but may be to heavy at starting weights. ( many other companies are now producing leverage machines )

7. Bow Flex Revolution, looks to be a good option.

There are likely to be more machines that will work, but will have to be researched further. This is just a list to give ideas for setting up a gym, or finding similar equipment.

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