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Originally Posted by Soak60 View Post
I've been using the Blitz as my "light lift" workout to alternate with my heavier workouts; doing 2 days a week using Blitz for chest/arms and shoulders/back, and then 2 "traditional" lifting days later in the week. (I work my abs and do pushups and run/cardio/ruck regardless of whether I lift or not)

The Blitz days are MUCH harder, and it's too soon to say for sure, but I'm pretty sure having Blitz as my alternate is increasing my max reps on the heavier days (I am shooting for being able to bench 225lbs 20+reps, not going to go over that weight for max- I weigh 200lbs atm, shooting to lower to 185). Either way, I think I'm more smoked overall on Blitz days than traditional days.

Question though: I'm working through to a minute, but I had to actually lower the weight to less than 1/3 of my 1-rep max. I tried doing exactly 1/3, but ended up having to stop and rest, so I moved the weight down for the following sets rather than have to put the bar down for 10 seconds. Is this acceptable, or do I need to try harder?

Unfortunately, without me there to coach you are left to what you "feel"
I am going to tell you Not to do anything else while on the Blitz. The other lifting will give a detrimental affect to Blitzing.
I do not care that you may feel guilty not having a traditional lift day. I totaly reccomend NOT DOING anything else while Blitzing. Your gains will be beyond all expected results. Please read the Performance points again. They are "critical" to the outcomes. Push the 1 minutes without stopping, and I know if you are doing a 1/3 wt. workout you can do a full minute. You must keep the tertiary muscle fibers engaged by NOT STOPIING during that 1 minute. Go as absolutely fast as you can push reps and keep the motion through the 1 minute no matter how "slow" you end up. In a bout 2 weeks you should be smoking the entire minute.
I say you should start with Blitz alone.. You will be amazed, amazed. Dave Boltz
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