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Blitz only Thread

I am posting this thread seperately of the other "what's new" thread because I have over (update to 300) persons associated with this site that are using the Blitz system.

I would like all of the persons who have been sent copies of the Blitz to post results and opinions here for ease of coordination the info for further work in this area.

As I have stated and will defend to the end is that this system is the only "NEW" exercise system on the planet. I think if we deal with it here there will be less confusion for the other systems as there is no comparission between these and the Blitz ..

Thanks and good luck to you all.
I am trying to get the Groups to adapt this system as the primary source of strength and endurance for the troops.
There is no need to "hire" a strength coach for each Group ,when the Team members can be trained to Blitz their teams and the Groups can better spend their money on Proper equipment to blitz.. Big savings on money with a Much, much, better result. Blitz
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