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The Cache Rules: Please Read

This forum is provided by Professional Soldiers ® for use by our members.

Please feel free to advertise your “personal” gear here. Anything to do with military, camping, hunting, shooting, hiking, backpacking, or other military activities.


This forum is for the resale of individual equipment and not industry use.

Professional Soldiers ® will not be responsible for the accuracy or reliability of these ads. You will be dealing directly with one another to negotiate any agreements. Professional Soldiers ® is not party to any such transactions and makes no promises, warranties, representations or commitments regarding any matters discussed in this forum.

NO advertising of other sites allowed (by PM, in a topic, as your homepage or in a signature). This includes images from other trade/sell sites. Images MUST be from a personal/hosting site that does not reflect another site in the URL.

All persons entering this forum assume all risks of doing so, agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and release Professional Soldiers ® and its affiliated persons and entities from any and all liabilities arising from activities taking place in the forum.

Violating these forum rules would not be a good idea.

Professional Soldiers ® Team

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