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Originally Posted by TOMAHAWK9521 View Post
If I recall, this is the method for their "Stealth Jihad". Well, more like an accelerated version. Get in to Europe and every other western country and start pumping kids out with multiple wives to create huge litters, who are then raised in the islamist ways who then grow and repeat the process. And if you start pushing back against them, well then you're just a racist who is soon to be in the minority.
The only thing I would ad is:

Doing it in poverty by draining the progressive western states of every welfare/support dollar possible while creating non permissive ghettos as platforms to build their base of ethnic-socio-political influence and control.

I think of it like the Irish and Italian organised crime networks of the last century before those greater ethnic networks migrated out of the ghettos, then working class neighbourhoods, then middle class suburbs....except for it being a far greater political/socio-religious doctrinal threat.

Not that there's the money for it(nor should it be spent on it), but if they all achieved the American Dream(or local version of it) I think the risk would be reduced(possibly quite dramatically).

But that's a pipe dream, and I reckon the bad guys will be working hard to build walls, moats, and defensible non permissive ghettos to operate with complete freedom of manoeuvre from host nation security forces.

Look at the North African ghettos of suburban Paris for examples or Sweden's severely misguided immigrant ghettos.
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