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Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan

I didn't see it here during my search. Anyone familiar with this? I was reading a Breitbart article about African migrants storming the Paris pantheon, demanding France give them anything they want, and I saw several commenters mention this plan. Most of the sources I came across, none of which I have ever heard of before, look like moon-bat white supremacist/ conspiracy sites. That may be due to years of the MSM and politicians tut-tutting such claims as conspiratorial racist bigotry and hateful fear-mongering. And yet as you read through them, it looks very similar to what we've been witnessing in Europe. I didn't see any pop-up adds for either tin or aluminum foil when I was visiting the sites so, who knows.

Naturally, the multi-culturists, champions of diversity and bleeding hearts of inclusivity have called this nothing more than a white supremacist myth/hate hoax.
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