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Originally Posted by JJ_BPK View Post
In 10 seconds I found 10 posts mentioning "Southnarc", his classes, and web site.

Google Foo and SA are attributes that one cultivates,, much like a fine wine...
Haha, I like that. And I concur JJ.

I too found those posts when I did my search, and reflecting on my intended goal of creating this thread, upon reading those I felt comfortable I would be introducing new information that was not of a repetitive nature. My goal was to provide a brief rundown of his "Managing Unknown Contacts" course/training, let others know it existed and it did very well (I thought) on addressing it's intended topic, and offer a convenient link to any new-to-Southnarc readers that would direct them to further information. Fully aware of the famliarity this community had with him it may have been wise to mention something to differentiate the goal of my post from a possible perception of complacent/lazy posting, or at least clarify to a better degree in my response to Razor that my search was focused on finding posts related to the topic of managing unknown contacts and not re-creating any information relating to that.

To be honest, my only real concern was possibly posting this in the wrong area of The Bear Pit. Again, all, please be at ease knowing I have heeded the all-powerful search button (and more thoroughly after being politely reminded by The Reaper during a gung-ho reply in the SF Questions area). I appreciate the constructive critiques and will ensure to employ lessons learned in the future.

I welcome any/all input and if I have unknowingly made any grave errors please pardon me and bring them to my attention. Thanks again gentlemen.

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