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My wife joins COSTCO for a year every few years and goes crazy stocking up on staples and personal hygiene stuff so we are well stocked with shower gel and TP. What surprised her on her recent trip to the grocery store and Walmart was that liquid detergent and dishwasher detergent was sold out. That's one thing we didn't stock up on. We will from now on.
Kinda hard sometimes to get a window into what makes people buy what. During the initial around here, we had the usual everything BUT toilet paper (till the log chain caught up, which it has). Distilled water (humidify wife's O2 concentrator) was left alone; big bottles of regular water left alone. People sure loved that Dasani stuff or something.

One thing I did notice that I thought odd. People had cleaned out any kind of sprayer or squeeze bottles of any kind of disinfectant or bleach. But they left the regular size Clorox bottles - from which one could refill their sprayers and are much cheaper in the mid/long run - alone. I wonder if that's a generational thing. Everything's a disposable.
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