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Iím not an epidemiologist but I sure wish people would put this illness in perspective, and stop freaking out over it.

Really, unless you are over 80 and in decreased health to begin with this virus is not, I repeat not, likely to kill you and you will recover basically on your own as it runs its course. Much like the flu or a common cold. If itís not affecting children and young adults...why is not affecting those age groups?

Second, itís a political and business choice to shutter manufacturing, close businesses, schools and other public activities. Is it better and more productive to issue adequate PPE to employees and keep things moving, or send people home and close assembly lines or whatever the process is that canít be done another way?

Instead of crashing the stock market how about a public health warning that says if you are sick, feeling sick, have a fever and cough stay home, cover your mouth and wash hands often. If you have been to or traveled to an area with an outbreak self quarantine for two more weeks at home before returning to work. If you are sick and test positive for the virus let the professionals know how to back track your travels.

If Iím wrong let the illness prove that to me, weíve been down this road before and there are a lot more things that kill a lot more people than this had so far.

Maybe Iím wrong, YMMV
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