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So I have a tendency to buy a civilian example of what ever the team gets issued to it (92f, M4 clone, rem700 with Mk4, etc) being a guard guy the range time is not nearly enough.

So once the Mk 17 Scar-H got to the cage, I went and bought a one (scar 17S). I saw no reason to ever buy a Mk-16 Scar L until we universally switched over and dropped all M4's.

The things I instantly noticed have already been elaborated on extensively ( charging handle, etc) and I will not go to far into those.

There was two things that really bothered the shit out of me. The lower being polymer and the magazines.

The magazine is a rather expensive and fragile item. I have dropped them on concrete a few times and they lose structural integrity pretty quickly. I seen them dropped as few as 7 times and exploded. Retail on these has always hovered in the $65-75 range. The KAC m110 mag and the 308 PMAG are so much better items

The polymer lower is far and away the weak spot of the whole system IMO. They flex, twist, deform and break with extensive use. I have pulled a lower off of a mk17 and when laid on a flat surface the twist in lower was painfully obvious. It was like a bad table that would wobble because of uneven contact surfaces. I figured that it was a matter of time and abuse before my civilian SCAR suffered the same fate.

I wished some one would make a billet lower that would accept standard magazines. God was obviously listening, because I went to NTOA and came across the solution.

A company called Handl Defense was there and they have a billet aluminum lower that accepts KAC and Pmags. I bought one and love it. I've used it in 3-gun and tac rifle matches and not a single issue. They fit tight as a drum and use all the same parts. IMO we should get these on the Mk17, there is a difference between the civilian lower and mk17 lower they said and they are making them.

I am new around here, so I don't know if dropping a plug for a product is cool or not, but I do really like it. Both the Lower and the SCAR.

The SCAR is just like the M16 in 1964, it needs some things looked at and changed. But I think the SCAR has so much potential.
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