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I don't think I would ever have the temerity to question a QPs loyalty to the brotherhood because they seek a better quality of life for their family in light of their sacrifices. My opinion is that such an assumption is completely inappropriate in light of what WE KNOW they sacrifice EVERY DAY.
Nobody's trying to question anybody's loyalty - just trying to understand a much different environment from the one faced during a different time in Group - when we fought to stay OCONUS where the job was for years at a time - among guys who had fought in WW2, Korea, the DomRep, LA, Africa, and throughout SEA (I knew guys with 5 - 9 straight years in SEA alone), etc - w/o the bonuses, > TDY, > incentive pay, etc. It took its toll, too, and one of the worst things about being back stateside was the funeral details for friends you had served with and had remained in-country when you DEROS'd.

Like ZD said - if the money's there, that's fine, but if not - will it change things?

Things change - personally, I hope some things don't.

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