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I went through the Abn oriented Infantry AIT, Spring, 1967.

We lived in WW2 barracks on main post.

Across the street there was a row of one story huts that Captured Nazis lived in during WW2.
Some of our guys lived in them.

We went out to Camp Crockett for some training and did a two week exercise there acting as a Infantry company at the end of the course.

You got a 11B2P MOS. Some got 11C2P and others 11H2P.

Most all the cadre were guys fresh back from the 173rd.

The trainees were a motley bunch-guys who had signd up for Abn Inf. or Abn unassigned.

Some were real animals-lots of black guys from Detroit, Philly, and DC.
There were racial incidents.

Halfway through, one morning foration, they pulled me and two other guys and sent us to take the SF test.
We got orders to JFK Center pending graduating BAC.
Only time I got to wear my pretty blue rope was on the bus to Ft Bragg.

Up til then they were saying you had to be 20 and a E-5 to go SF.
I turned 20 a couple weeks into SFTG, but was a PFC.
Most of us were. We were the original babies, more or less.
We caught some flak, but most of us did pretty well in spite of ourselves.

There was very little harassment in training group then. They treated us as adults and most of us responded to that.

A few flunked out or fucked up and made their way down the road to 82 or VN, but most of us made it.
Most had at least a year of college as I recall.
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