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Originally Posted by 98G View Post
I am travelling today so I can't access all the data but yes, there are studies and i will get the references for you all. And the feedback is great. I appreciate it.

As for what goes in the bag -- and what goes out remains as always mission dependent. If there is a vehicle, it would be in the WALK. For cube space to consider:
  • Packaged: H 3.25 in. x W 5.25 in. x D 6.75 in.
  • Weight: 1 lb 9.6 oz

More as soon as I get my WIFI up in the car. (I am not driving.)
Smaller than it appears for sure. I look forward to any info you can share. I am not here to bad mouth/bash or be negative, only to critique and discuss so that multiple opinions from those that understand the anatomy, physics and appication /uses have a chance to offer feedback and criticisms.
Thanks for sharing

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