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Originally Posted by Books View Post
I'd like to add one that I'm experiencing now: never be afraid to ask educated questions about what you're doing to insure you get the absolute most out of your training.

Great advice!! Wish more soldiers would ask questions like this!!! OUTSTANDING!!!
Young man what part of Read, Search and read more did you not get?

This is the 3rd time today that you are being told to ratchet it back and read.

Go directly to Go Jail and do not pass GO. Stop Posting and go in and Read all the sticky's (Without making comments) and in time you will be able to make an informed contribution to the board. This is a board of Professionals and not My Space. If you are intending to go the SOF way you are not showing very good Situational Awareness.

I would Highly Recommend you listen as I am one of the more patient QP's with this type of antics. One of the Admins may just boot you.
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