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What I alsmot heard

I grew up with an SF father and in SF circles. One of the family friends was SGM David Disharoon, 7th, 46th co and 5th that I know of. His mother was French so he had dual citizenship and passports. I know he was involved in the Congo operations, ended up doing an E&E eventually being smuggled out by another "A" Team about a year later. What I don't know, and since he passed away never will, is what he actually did. I tried like hell to get him to talk but never managed, even though I used a copy of the Levenworth papers to lay out the overall operations. His comment was, "I was just s como guy with a French passport". He did say that with his TDY settlement, he bought the house his wife still owns in Ponderosa and the car he drove until he couldn't drive. It's a shame that I wasn't smart enough to realize the legends I was around in my youth.
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