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Sommelier is just a fancy word for pompous asshole...
...not that I have any grief against pompous assholes

Submitted for review...
If I am at a bar and my associate is drinking something different than what I have and I ask, "How is that?"
...and his answer is, "Well, there is a spirit of spicy hops, with a touch of pear drop fruit and hop resins on the aroma, enhanced by a burnt fruit sensation with light hints of rich chocolate, you can feel the chewy grain and peppery hops in the mouth, followed by a long, bittersweet finish with a rich dark malt, ripe fruit and a light chocolate note."

...well, then he is a pompous asshole.

Just tell me the shit tastes good...
...or that it is really bitter
...or that it tastes a little like chocolate
...or DUDE this is the fucking bomb... let me get you one

Or tell me... "this stuff tastes like wet pumpernickel bread - stick with bud light and dont waste your money"

but that rich note, mouth-feel, fruit forward, peppery finish type of bullshit?


In closing, I think these new sommeliers are idiots.
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