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Great video.

I’ll be sharing it within our own community.

While I believe culture and support is improving around those suffering from and diagnosed with PTSI/D, there’s still considerable room for improvement.

One area I’m particularly interested in would be proactive and preventative measures focused on low level mental injury and wellness.

Probably because I had a few weird minor incidents after my final trip to Afghan best described as involuntary hyperventilating only occurring at home.

While working on projects to enhance physical and mental performance, I look forward to seeing the future of the “agoge” incorporate foundational as well as ongoing “mental gym” best practises to support our service people.

I’ve met with a professor at Stanford, Jeff Pfeffers who has recently written a book called “Dying for a Paycheck.”

It’s a fascinating data driven study of how more people die from workplace stress than smoking, obesity, and excessive alcohol drinking.

Serving in the military comes with inherent increased physical injury for many, but we can do better to inoculate against mental injury.
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