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Originally Posted by DoctorDoom
I'm being told that the only way any department in MC would allow an O3 doctor go to SFAS and the SFQC is if it did not interfere with their residency training, in other words during the GMO year. Since AMEDD is doing away with GMO years in the Army, the word I've gotten was "it ain't gonna happen so don't even ask." Given the high requirements for general surgeons right now, and for all doctors in the Army, combined with the need for slots for candidates that will actually serve on ODA's, it makes sense. The Army doesn't spend all this time and money training us so we can get hurt, waste training slots, or otherwise gum up the works.

I was also told by my Department Chief that the FAST teams are the way doctors work with SF, and there's no reason to have SF qualified doctors except in certain specific positions in USASOC. He said that it makes much more sense for 18D's to fill the surgeon slots at USASOC and SOCOM, rather than expect enough bookworm types like us to apply and then actually make it through the Q course.

Could just be their way of telling me me nicely...

If you want to go as a Doctor, and meet the requirements, follow my instructions. Call the USASOC Surgeon.

AFAIK, physicians going to assigmments in Group are occasionally permitted to attend the 18A Track SFQC, if you pass SERE and SFAS first.

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