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Good plan, far better than most. Get a good tactical flashlight, if not a weapons light. Small powerful flashlights, especially weapons mounted lights, are much more economical than night vision devices, and both have pros/cons.

Baseball bats are not necessarily non-lethal weapons. I prefer OC spray, kept in the bedroom, vehicle, etc., just like trauma kits. Handcuffs or flex-cuffs might not be a bad idea, if you can cuff while still covering. Practice first.

I put my trousers (with all of my EDC junk in them), shirt, and footwear by the bed every night before retiring, just in case. Broken glass on the floor and no shoes is not going to be fun.

Most dogs are great early warning and some are also defensive assets.

While I like cameras and alarms, complementary, with layers, I have heard that geese are also territorial and hostile to strangers.

Deter, deny, delay, detect, and defeat.

Anti-arson? Damn, Judge! You must have some bad ones.

Masonry structure with relatively few windows or doors, no flammables like woodpiles or aboveground fuel tanks nearby, brush cleared away from the house, fire extinguishers and fire blankets handy inside for fire suppression.

Frankly, just as easy to shoot you when you are headed out to work or coming home as it is to start a fire and attract responders.

Originally Posted by Longstreet View Post
- the law states that I must keep my firearm unloaded and secured, so I will need to unlock it (trigger lock) and load it with rounds that will be kept in my night table (I plan on practicing with my shotgun and will be able to load it in darkness)

Honestly, how do they know if it is locked and unloaded, if you do not tell them?

Do they come by and inspect it at random intervals?

If not, I seriously suggest that you put all of your items away and set your alarm clock for a random time during the night. When it goes off, have your significant other start a stopwatch (or note the time) while you execute your plan, in the dark (power cut or avoiding attention from the intruder. I really doubt that you will be able to unlock/load/make ready in less than a minute or two.


Okay, a sudden sound of breaking glass awakens you tonight, what do you do? First, and then in sequence.

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