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I recently attended a seminar sponsored by the FAA on survival. It seems that us private pilots sometimes land away from the airport and survive the crash. It's then that we do dumb things that end up in the death of the pilot and passengers.

The most significant perspective I gained is a consciousness, if not obsessiveness, for the weight of my survival gear. IIRC, I spoke of this in a thread regarding some rain gear that was recommended. I think weight is a useful focus for survival gear whether it is for your flight (pilot) or your flight (escape).

Because I am a CCP instructor, I am also concerned with first responder gear. I currently have much of the gear SWATSURGEON recommended in other threads with me at all times. This gear used to be just tossed in my range bag, however I sometimes make an unplanned stop at the range and may not have my range bag with me. I have been experimenting with a messenger bag which is on me quite a lot of the time and with me always. Please don't laugh too loudly, but part of my inspiration came from watching new episodes of 24 after a 2-3 year hiatus. Some call it my "Jack Bag."

As a challenge to myself, I am trying to integrate what I learned from First Medical Responder School, SWATSURGEON and the FAA survival school. Weight and size are two important criteria. I look forward to this thread providing insights for my journey.
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