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I was an E-7 at 27 if I recall correctly, E-8 at 33 or 34. (I retired at 39) Starting at the bottom at age 35-40 has zero appeal to me. Special Forces has "old" guys, but 99.5% of them started young.

And I was an animal. 100+ pushups, 100+ sit-ups and could run a sub 5 minute mile when I joined Special Forces. Every PT test until I was 35 was 300+.

Active duty groups will send you packing the first time you cannot keep up with the A-Teams. Then again women are trying out, standards are being lowered to accommodate them, you might survive. And no, I'm not going to blow smoke up your ass and say it's a good idea.

Remember those kids on the playground that were picked last for dodgeball............ if you're over 30 and not an animal, that's going to be you.

Thirty five, forty years old and zero experience......... good luck.

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