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Gene econ,

Remember in Oregon, we're enhanced, we get more money for training than many other NG units. We always get M855 ammunition when we go to the range, to zero and qualify. We always have plenty of ammunition, certainly enough in the company to qualify everyone, and enough left over to shoot your qualification again if you're feeling froggy. We typically use the Klamath Falls PD range, but in the future we may be shooting at Kingsley Field, ANG Base. (They are closing down our armory and moving us onto a new one on Kingsley Field.) We shoot.... a lot. It really is a good unit.

When we go the Thunder Ranch, the unit pays for the schooling, and we have to buy our own ammunition to shoot through the units weapons. We can only fire the infrangible stuff at TR. Typically we buy it individually from a company in Salt Lake City, UT. We have some very very good shots in our unit.

It would be great to have the new 77gr ammo on deployment, but if the S4 sections are like they have been in the past, we won't see it. It takes a supply guy with moxy to work a deal to get anything non-standard. And then we'd just be taking it from someone who really needs it, the PS's doing the dirty work abroad.
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