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Just completed a big milestone, the last stop before the big show at SFAS. I had a great time and made a lot of great friends! Here's how I did and how I stacked up.

APFT: 270 overall. 97 points on pushups, 79 points on situps, 94 points on the run, 10 pull ups. This event is the hardest to see how you compare to others, you can only hear so many other people's scores, but I feel that this was a middle of the pack performance. There were a few who didn't meet the SF standard, there were guys closer to the minimums, and there were a few 300s, but my score was probably close to average for the class. There were definitely a lot of people who got more pull ups than me.

4 mile ruck: Just under 45 minutes, about an 11:10 pace, I finished in the top 10 (I think 7th), and the fastest guy came in just over 43 minutes.
5 mile run: 35:40, a 7:08 pace. This time was maybe in the top 20-30, the fastest guys came in around 31-32 mins.
6 mile ruck: 1:07, about an 11:10 pace again, finished 2nd in the class, about a minute behind the #1 guy
12 mile ruck: 2:12, 11:01 pace, finished 2nd again, first place guy beat me by 5 mins, nobody else finished for another 10 mins after me.

I didn't win any of the events but I'm really happy with my performance overall considering I'm racing against 100 other guys who all want to succeed in this pipeline.

Land nav: 4 iterations of 4 points each. Got 2/4 & 2/4 the first day on day & night iterations respectively, then 4/4 & 4/4 on the 2nd day. Was the first buddy team back and then tied for first team back on those last two iterations. The land nav at Mackall was a huge confidence boost and I'm glad I had the opportunity to get a good feel for the longer movements required and the techniques to stay on course while moving out. It makes a big difference when you become confident enough in your ability to move fast without getting lost.

I'm going to selection soon and I wanted to record my stats before I go. I think anybody with a healthy grip on reality wonders if they're doing enough or did enough. After years of thinking about it and planning for it before finally taking the jump, here I am, with all my strengths and all my faults, more or less the man who will soon be assessed, hoping that I am ready but not quite knowing if I'm going to have what it takes to make it. What I do know is that I'm very glad I started along this path. I've got a rock solid reputation in a great group of friends that I respect, and all of us have taken off in airplanes more times than we've landed in them. As one QP put it on this board, "all this, and a paycheck too."

Well, that's more than I could say a year ago, so I guess it's better than what I was gonna do!
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