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No disrespect intended

QUOTE: - "Hey ROUGUESABRE1, let me help you out of your self-dug hole...

1. We're not your fucking Brothers." --

Well Sir, although I personally find this remark a little out of line, if not more-so out of professional character, I don't really know what to say back to you. Other than, following this remark, I'd like to thank you for the sound advice and professional guidance in matters concerning presenting relevant information to this community in the format that you'd like to see it presented in. That, I can respect. I'll go through the site more thoroughly as time permits in an effort to deploy files correctly.

But this whole, "we're not your fucking Brothers", thing... So if we're both bleeding for the same Flag and the same Country, defending the same children and their future freedoms, - but your not my brother - then who's brother are you? .. It's a rhetorical question that does not require a response. I think that you understand where I'm coming from and I know that you get the point.

There's enough of this "divide and conquer" crap being pumped down the throats of this entire Nation at this point in time. So much so, that it makes me sick to my stomach.. I fear for my Grand-Children. If it's one thing that you and I should not be doing, its not talking to each other in this manner. - Outside of the Muslim people, who have already sworn me as their eternal enemy, I'll lay down my life for anyone; to include you Sir, any-day. With that said, once again I appreciate the guidance. Good shit. Thank you! - I'll put it to work.
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