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Originally Posted by Badger52 View Post
I am so tired of hearing about this - NO, I don't have any knowledge of vanishing Walmart 18-wheelers.

You are a good man with a good reputation but I really wish you wouldn't insult our collective intelligence by pretending that you "don't have any knowledge" because it not only insults us, it hurts us emotionally that you can be so deceptive on a bulletin board full of your brothers in arms. Look at the picture I posted of the 18-wheeler loaded with military hardware in a Walmart parking lot !!!
...notice the empty Walmart cart corral in the lower right of the photo - its undeniable. These 18 wheeler trucks didnt vanish - they were simply rebadged and retasked as part of the WalMart/FEMA partnership

What better corporate master than Walmart for FEMA to partner with to establish their prison camps? Walmart has secretly been developing subconscious methods for running nationwide labor camps for years – everyone is just refusing to see the truth. Look at the facts…

-Walmart refuses to pay a living wage, conditioning the local community to survive with bare essentials

-Walmart refuses to recognize labor unions – removing the ability and capacity to resist “the man”

-Walmart limits consumer throughput by only opening two cash registers during peak hours, conditioning the local community to accept arbitrary control measures by forcing them to stand quietly in line for 30 minutes just to buy a quart of “Great Value” Chocolate Milk and a three pack of generic cellophane tape.

-Walmart conditions Americans to the presence of intrusion by having an employee scan your purchases electronically – then they have another employee looking in your cart as you leave the store.

-Walmart conditions the local community to accept mediocrity; consider the shopping carts with vibrating wheels that wobble and shake and force the cart to "drift to the left" while the consumer just blindly follows the cart towards the left side of the aisle.

-Walmart sells ammunition, but the popular calibers are always “out of stock” – this makes you “think” that they are supportive of the cause, without actually empowering or supplying relevant ammunition for the coming apocalypse. I mean seriously, who goes to Walmart to buy ammunition for a ‘300-Weatherby Magnum’ for their primary defense weapon? When was the last time you went to Walmart to pick up a few hundred rounds of ‘220 Swift’ to fight back a wave of UN storm troopers? Even if you ARE one of the patriots planning to defend the homeland with your bolt action 220-Swift, you will quickly be targeted and eliminated because the Mossy-oak camouflage jacket that you bought from the Walmart sporting good section has a florescent colored logo centered over your vital organs so the UN storm troopers will have an easier time targeting you during the war of the apocalypse.

-Walmart forces their employees to wear a uniform, conditioning the local community into a common appearance and removing individual identity. It ALSO conditions the consumer into adhering to a uniformed presence as a recognition of authority. Think about it, when the old man at the front door engages you, is he really helping you? NO. He is just conditioning you to politely respond to a challenge. It wont be long until, “Welcome to Walmart” becomes, “Show me your papers

You all need to fight back against the sleeping giant of the military-industrial complex known as WalMart. That’s why I am doing my part now… who else do you think is leaving the packs of pork chops on the shelf in the tool section next to the Black and Decker cordless drills? Who else do you think puts a pack of tube socks on the same shelf as the Contadina tomato paste? Who else do you think has the courage to take 21 items through the express lane? Who else do you think has the balls to disregard the cart corral in order to abandon the wobble-wheeled shopping cart in the middle of a random parking space? Who else has the situational awareness to resist the challenge of the Walmart greeter by responding to his hollow and threatening "welcome to Walmart" with a defiant, "Fuck you old man - your wife is fat" ??
...I do. Thats who !!!

Think about it - the next time you pull into one of those ominous symbols of corporate opression known as Walmart and you see a neatly folded MacDonald bag with a half eaten happy meal and a small, half filled cup of flat, watered down Sprite sitting at the edge of a parking space just 4 paces from a trash can, you are going to think to yourself, "hm... Billy must have JUST left, these fries are still warm"

Fight the power !!!
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