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Haven't been on here in a while. Just wanted to clarify my comments from the first post. I do believe our guys deserve all the bennies they can get their hands on. I also, wouldn't complain about a little bump in the paycheck. I know our families (for the Non-single guys) deserve it also. With that extra pay you could move your familiy to a better area with better schools and less crime. That way they feel more secure when your gone.

What I was trying to point out was that money won't solve everything. After a while the extra money will become "the norm". Then guys will continue to complain and moan about the same things they did before. The same guys who thought about getting out before will still get out. Second, some will get a sense of entitlement. This will affect their attitude and discipline. I have friends who do recieve this extra pay. They told me this is what you can expect. In the end, if you retain anyone, they are just staying around for the money. Not my type of guy.

Try this experiment in your team room. Pull each guy to the side and tell them they have the opportunity to deploy on an operation (use your imagination). This operation would include great personal risk but would result in the K/C of a high profile HVT, but would require them to lose some sort of pay (again use your imagination). See how many guys still raise their hands.
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