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Welcome! Please Read

NEW INFO. Updated as of 9/14/12. Please let us know when there are any additional changes. Thanks!

The intent of this new forum is to provide information and respond to questions which cannot otherwise be answered through research or contact with the appropriate parties.

It is not intended to rehash topic already beaten to death, readily available information, or to provide an unfair advantage to soldiers attending SFAS or the SFQC. Please refrain from asking those sorts of questions here. Also avoid questions which would pose an integrity issue, or deal with matters of OPSEC or PERSEC.

90% of all questions can be answered by looking here, be sure to examine all of the sub-menus:

Specific answers to questions can be found at the FAQ here.

We will periodically be posting articles of interest, advice, or information for those interested in SFAS and the SFQC.

If your question cannot be answered by the above web site, a search of topics here, an internet search, or a recruiter, we will try to take the time to research it and respond. Since we are unpaid volunteers who do this in our personal time as a service for the benefit of prospective Special Forces personnel, please do not abuse this privilege by asking inappropriate or previously posted questions which have already been answered.

The 18X program is for initial entry soldiers and there is an in-service recruiting program for current soldiers. Other services may or may not allow a service transfer for their personnel to attend the SFAS Course and transfer to the Army. Go to the above site, contact a recruiter, or if you are currently a soldier, contact your nearest SF Recruiter, or call the SF Recruiting Company Headquarters at (910) 432-1818. If you want to join a National Guard SF unit, see a recruiter in the area who is affiliated with the unit where you wish to drill.

Recruiters are soldiers and their jobs are to get people into the military in the proper balance to satisfy Army requirements and Recruiting Command goals. For that reason, they may or may not be willing to assist you with your specific desires. They are always interested in getting you to join the Army, however. Bear this in mind when the recruiter tries to steer you into another MOS or assignment than the one you want. Do not be afraid to seek another recruiter.

Many questions may deal with eligibility and waivers.

Medical standards are outlined in Army Regulation 40-501, Standards of Medical Fitness, dated 28 MAR 02. Some items are waiverable, and some are not. DO NOT LIE ABOUT YOUR MEDICAL HISTORY.

The full text is available here:

Clearance questions are more difficult. You MUST be able to obtain a SECRET clearance to enter SF Training (NOT SFAS). Some SF MOS will require a TS clearance. We cannot tell you whether you will be able to get a clearance. Your recruiter and MEPS will assist you with the process. In general, bankruptcies and financial management problems, criminal histories beyond minor traffic offenses, histories of drug and alcohol abuse, extremist/gang membership, etc., may be disqualifiers. The best advice is to keep your nose clean, straighten your act up if you have strayed, and NEVER, EVER LIE ON YOUR CLEARANCE APPLICATIONS.

The reference is:

SF Initial Entry Pipeline (18X)

Initial Enlistment 12 Weeks DEP (Entry as E-3)

Infantry OSUT 14 Weeks

Airborne School, if not Airborne Qualified (TDY Enroute) 3 Weeks


SFPC, SFAS, SFQC as listed below.

PCS to Assigned SF Unit (as E-5)

Average Total Time from Enlistment to SF Unit 22-24 Months
(Includes wait times but not recycles)

SF In-Service Pipeline

This is constantly in flux.

Recruitment of E-4- - E-6 (<14 Years Service) from Assigned Unit

(Average of 12 weeks from Recruitment to arrive TDY for SFAS)

SFAS (Phase I) 4 Weeks

Assigned Unit

(Average of 40 weeks before PCS orders to SFQC)

Airborne School, if not Airborne Qualified (TDY Enroute) 3 Weeks

ACLT (PLDC) 3 Weeks
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