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So first, it's important to define "sticky rice," are you referring to the typical bowl served in a Japanese restaurant or Chinese place or are you referring to the dish known as "Sticky Rice" in a Thai restaurant, which requires a completely different rice and cooking method.

If you are talking about the typical Asian rice then it is a simple matter. BUY A RICE COOKER and follow the directions and you will have pretty much perfect rice. (How anyone survives without a rice cooker is beyond me!) Note that short grain rice (the stuff you tend to get in Japanese places and always in Sushi) is a bit different that long grain rice (Thai and Chinese restaurants). They have different flavors and use a different amount of water.

Wash the rice...not to clean it, but to remove the starch...this is super important with short grain rice, otherwise you will have a slimy mess.

For plain ole Japanese rice:

If it's just you and you don't wanna spend big $ get this rice cooker. It'll do the job fine. The company makes top line cookers, and it's easy to spend 120.00 on one of the fancier ones....
Someday, we'll look back on this, laugh nervously and change the subject.

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