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FYI, I did some checking into the Tricom/TSE amplifier debate and Tricom originally designed and made the RAMP-25, RAMP-75 and several other amplifiers where TSE was a reseller of these items but apparently got a trademark on the "RAMP-XYZ" name.

TSE and Tricom eventually had a falling out and TSE had another company design and manufacture a look alike amp to the Tricom units which is what they now market.

The Tricom made RAMP-25 was JTIC certified in late '07 and the Tricom made RAMP-75 was certified in late '06, both were sold through TSE and other vendors.

The newer TSE RAMP-25 and 75 designed and made by a third party for TSE came out in early '09 and were later certified.

Bottom line is, Tricom is not a fly by night company, they are the originators of this series of amps and TSE was a reseller of their products.

I'm not trying to trash TSE in any way, just pointing out some facts.

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The JITC website tells no lies. According to JITC, TSE Inc certified the RAMP-25 and RAMP-75 several years before Tricom came out with what looks like a knockoff of the TSE products.

I have personally used several of the knock off units made by Tricom and everyone of them failed miserably. Even had the engineer/designer/owner of Tricom slam his amp on the bench to get it to work.

The guys at TSE Inc are from this community and build great stuff. Just makes sense that some fly-by-night company would copy them.
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