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Sgt. James Harwood

48 years ago today Jim went MIA. A top notch SF medic and a super guy. We became friends when he came to the 6th Group in early '70. Jim actually took a few days leave to go to DC to visit Ms Alexander, the lady responsible for cutting group assignments back then. He bought her dinner, a sure way to get orders for 5th Grp in VN. I remember how thrilled he was when his orders came. I remember too the day word came back to Bragg that he was MIA, the last time he was seen he had a head wound and was being dragged into the jungle by NVA.
I think about him every year on this date and more often. Great sense of humor, was the butt of jokes about his physically huge head, and always dependable.
Rest in peace brother, you are never forgotten or taken for granted.
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