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I'm back

Shockingly, it's been almost 8 years since my last post (and 11 years since signing up here), so I thought a refresh on my introduction might be reasonable. Since my introduction back in 2004, I've traveled much more, trained much more, and learned a lot more about the world (I think) and about myself (I know).

I post this refresh on my introduction because so much time has passed and because I'm planning to again regularly participate in this forum, which I consider to be among the most level headed of forums that talks about things I'm interested in.

With respect, I look forward to the conversations.

(Edited to add that I'm not sure why this re-introduction, and my original introduction at the top, landed in the General Medical section. I'm sure I would have been corrected back in 2004 if I had originally posted my introduction here... Maybe the board structure was different back then? Apologies for any confusion.)

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