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Another introduction

I just wanted to introduce myself prior to participating.

I live in Toronto, and have been involved involved in private security management for 15 years and, more recently, the corporate emergency preparedness field.

My training background up until 12 months ago was all L.E. related. Starting 12 months ago, I started branching out into EMS and HAZMAT operations. I've also done some SAR and rope rescue training on my own (personal interest). My principle career interest now is the prehospital care field, which is primarily what led me here.

Currently, I'm a certified EMR (a Canadian designation that ranges from the U.S. First Responder to EMT-B scope of practice, depending on whether you do the 1,2, or 3 week EMR program). I also have BTLS, Ped. BTLS, and WFR certs, all of which doesn't hold a candle to the people I've seen post here. I'm planning on doing my paramedic certification next year.

My personal interests and experience include all season wilderness distance backpacking and world travel (U.S., Dominican Republic, Panama, Colombia, Norway, Denmark, and Germany so far). My greatest interest is in wilderness and 3rd world travel, which I hope to be doing more of in the coming year.

Well, that's me in a nut shell. I'm looking forward to learning from the group here.


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