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Originally Posted by China Lee View Post
I was in 8th Gp, when we were reduced to one company. The group developed a concept of a Team to go into Central or South America in the event a situation happened. There were three teams, 1 on call, 1 in tng, and 1 off. The on duty team studied latest area studies on selected countries. The concept was that if any situation happened, the team was to jump in try to gather all Americans and move them to pick up point, then move to a concealed location and await further orders.

The teams went to the first SERE course run by 5th Gp. at Egland AFB.
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That had to be before 1972 because there were two companies A and B when I arrived at Ft. Gulick in May. Company A had the SCUBA school and Company B had the Airborne school.
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