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Originally Posted by SFpanama View Post
As a 8th SFG vet, I wanted to make a poster commemorating the 8th Group. I made this for my own and a few of my pals enjoyment, back in 2006. I thought that maybe some of you may enjoy it as well.
Click the link for the full size version (1881x2363, 1.27 MB).
Click the thumb for a downsized version (398x500, 173 KB).
I think the pic to the right of the "De Oppresso Liber" is of Gatun DZ if I'm not mistaken. I went back to the CZ in '97 and the DZ sign was still up although Fort Davis and Gulick (now called Panal) were closed. The pic of Company A reminds me ... the volleyball net on the backside of the building was still standing (I remember playing 'jungle rules' games there in '73. Across from Company A and the PX snack bar was a camouflage painted building used by the Guardia Nacional during hostilities, it's was still pock marked with 50 cal holes as was the old Officer's Club (I wonder why the O Club .... (grin).

Also, in '97 they were rehabbing Davis to serve as a center for counter-drug activities ....
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