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Just to ad some info I know its several months late from the OP date...

At rfi big army issues the TAB I think its called. Its a chest rig / rack system. Can be clipped onto your iotv or plate carrier. Has 8 slots for magazines, 6 ar 15 mag slots, and 2 SDM mag slots one on each side. Back side has two zipper pouches and a velcro flap pouch in middle.

If you decide to use it as a medic you wont have need for SDM mags. You could easily fit small amount of medical stuff in those pouches. etb/ace bandage, kerlex, combat gauze, tq. It would be a snug fit would probably be best to put it all in zip lock baggy and stuff in. Leave a tab of tape for something to grab and pull it out easily while wearing gloves. Better then adding more pouches to your kit I think.

I just put two TQs and trauma shears my self. With aidbag, someone carrying a CLS bag and each joe having an ifak plus tqs in top shoulder pockets I dont feel the need to weigh myself down with extra shit.

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