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This is exactly correct. I would caution the OP to not load himself down with med supplies, and I would classify an additional pouch of supplies as being loaded down. Part of being a good medic is the constant anticipation of your gear and med supplies being correctly tailored to your mission. When your mission changes, so should your setup. I never encountered a time when I was far from an aid bag, thus an extra pouch would not be necessary. I also did not like having anything bulky on my chest area because when I needed to work on someone, it would get in the way. I would throw a TQ in each of my shoulder pockets but that was it. Its your setup, but when you consider your role as a shooter first, then you should be putting more essential items in the unused space.

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I dont understand the fascination with medics carrying an ass ton of medical supplies on their armor. A few TQs I understand (CUF) but your vest should be for bullets, bombs (grenades), and comms not cric kits, kerlix and ace wraps or OALES.

Trim the fat, put it in a bag (fanny pack or M9-style), and have a larger bag for MCIs/resupply handy in a vehicle if mounted or carry it if the mission will lead you away from vehicles.

There is nothing like having so much crap on your person that you become immobile or cant get out of the vehicle quickly.
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