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Want to send out a New Mexico Themed Care Package

I would like to send out a couple of New Mexico Themed Care packages to some folks down-range.

Package will include:

New Mexico Red Chili Powder ( Medium and hot)
Mexican Oregano
Garlic Powder
Chicken Bullion Cubes

Instructions on how to make red chili sauce. It can be made in a canteen cup, all you need is the ability to boil water.

New Mexico Pinon Coffee

Whatever else I can find that will make the journey and not rot/get destroyed.

If you or somebody you know is deployed and would like one of these packages, please contact me at: with a name and address so I can ship one out.

I have VERY limited access the the boards and will most likely not get any replies here.

Red Chili is fantastic on eggs, mashed potatoes, and just about anything that could use some flavor.

Please help me reach out and send a bit of New Mexico to somebody deployed.


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