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I'm waaaayyyy out of the loop on this now, but my foggy memory tells me you can go Q via ARNG, and ask to be release over to AD once in the / at the end of the Q.

IIRC, there's 3 or 4 ways an individual ARNG SF unit approaches recruitment; it'd be something you want to discuss with them up front, but IIRC, some don't mind, others its a hassle cos of the way you're detailed.

For example, some you remain in an 11B slot with in the state ARNG, and are lent to the 18 unit, and don't go on their books until you graduate. These guys may not care if they loss you to AD, for example. I could be wrong in this specific example, but just trying to give you an e.g.

Call and have a chat to a few of your closest ARNG SF state units, be polite, advise your goal, see what they say. If they say no, advise them you understand some states are geared in a way to find this easy, and could the person your talking to recommend any.

Things have changed so YMMV.

Good luck.
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