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Take the Ranger School slot. If you graduate, you'll be a whole lot better prepped (both physically & mentally) for many aspects of SFAS/SFQC. If you don't make it through Selection/Q-course, you'll have something under your belt that's useful in your current MOS.

If your Guard unit is offering Hooah School with no extension strings attached, I'd say someone in your unit wants to set you up for success in attempting the SF pipeline. It's a favor to you. They're seeing just how motivated you really are and offering you a freebie to help you succeed in your career path. Take them up on it. If you get recycled in Ranger School, you might be there for a good chunk of that remaining 11 months anyway...

Do Ranger School this fall, recover, spend a few months getting balls out physically ready for SFAS, and start the SF pipeline next summer. Sounds like a decent plan to me.

Although Ranger School slots are there for ODAs, you'd be on your SF company's Schools Order of Merit List. Other folks would be ahead of you for available slots. Then you'd have SF deployments that bump you out of availability for specific classes. Better to snap at an offered Ranger Class now. A cherry GB with a Ranger Tab has a little bit more credibility upon arriving at his first ODA. It tells your future team mates something about you. If they know nothing else, they know you've made it through two tough challenges (Ranger School & SFQC).

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