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Originally Posted by Badger52 View Post
I was able to ferret out Mr. Barr's email and have fired a flare, along with congratulations, asking to either get a link or copy since, if properly done, this should be rich in SF history for the period (unless the material is the same as what's already posted).
UPDATE: Mr. Barr responded to me & provided a copy of this work, which is different & takes a different approach. As the title above mentioned it examines the role of the SF Medic as a powerful weapon in the CI toolkit. It contains examples & some names/maps/pics, especially from the earliest efforts in Laos.

He has asked that, at this juncture, it not be published, cited, or quoted so I won't be uploading. (And downsized from a Word doc the thing is still a 6.3MB PDF.)

However, he welcomes input from actual SF Medics and would welcome contact from them with their views/critiques. So...

Not being remotely qualified as a broker, if one of the 18D QP's would like to PM me with their email address I will send it to you along with Mr. Barr's email address and you can eval/critique/share within your community to your heart's content. Again, he just asks that it not be published or quoted; apparently it also is not in his mind a finished work yet.
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