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Recruiting Angst

Bit of an update - incredibly frustrating past month or so. Before I went to sign we found some part of my paperwork had expired, and what that essentially means is that my packet goes straight to the bottom of the pile at MEPS (recruiters words) to restart the pre-screen process. That being said that paperwork was good for 90 days, we’re now pushing past day 40 that the re-submitted paperwork has been up there.

When I first got word of the setback I was initially frustrated but figured, 30 more days of training never hurt anyone, but now my recruiter has not heard back and is essentially powerless in this situation (not a knock on him he is a great guy and has helped me a ton) but it seems there is absolutely no progress being made. A family member just told me ‘welcome to the Army, better get used to it’. I have the next 9 days off, so I will spend that time doing two a days, rucking my bag off, and doing some yoga/stretching and regain a bit of focus.

I can’t help but think I’m far from the only one going through this type of situation. That being said, not everyone looking to join the Army is as driven as the men on these boards, so it would be interesting to see the amount or % of recruits or contacts lost due to timeline issues.
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