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Originally Posted by rr123 View Post
Hello Gentlemen,

I have been training for almost two years now to get ready for selection. I have been working with a recruiter with the 19th SFG in Utah to to get all the proper paper work done. I have ran into a couple of road blocks with ACL reconstruction surgery back in 2012, but I got that all cleared with the proper medical records before even going to MEPS. This last week I have made the steps to enlist with a REP-63 contract. They flew me out from California (where I live) to Utah for two days to do my ASVAB, OPAT, MEPS Physical, and swear in. I made it through everything including getting my ACL surgery checked off and cleared. However, I was disqualified for taking half a dose of Dramamine (over-the-counter medication for motion sickness) 48 hours within going into MEPS.

I do not get recurring motion sickness at all (I surf, kayak, and travel a lot on planes). I took this medication after my flight into Utah because I was slightly light headed in this instance and I wanted to prepare for my ASVAB the next morning without any distractions. I scored well on my ASVAB, however, the next day before doing the urine test I was asked to put down any medication taken in the last 48 hours. I put down Dramamine.

My doctor saw that I had taken Dramamine and said that I am disqualified. Not because I get recurring motion sickness, but because the rules say (and he showed me them) that I am not allowed to join if I took any medication for motion sickness in the last 3 years. The doctor saw this as an unfortunate coincidence and recommended me for waiver.

Now my recruiter said that I would probably get a medical waiver by the Army, however, I would probably not get a medical waiver by Airborne and suggested I should just go in into the Guard as an 11x, go through SFRE, and then selection. I told him that I want to stick with the REP-63 and give it a shot and see if Airborne will give me the waiver.

I have read a couple of posts on here and saw that couple of you guys have gotten med waivers from Airborne. They have been very encouraging to read. I just wanted to know if you think that I am likely to get one as well? Is my recruiter just trying to get me to sign up as an 11x? How should I go about getting the medical waiver from Airborne should my recruiter refuse to do the work or see me as a lost cause?

Thank you guys for your time.

By the way,

I have a cool recruiter and I believe that he is going to do the best he can to help me out. I just want to be prepared to do whatever I need to do to get the REP-63 contract.

I find this very difficult to believe, so I'm sure you're going to post the statement showing this disqualification.

Otherwise I'll be throwing the BS flag.
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