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Originally Posted by Golf1echo View Post
A few years back I bought a used Isuzu box truck from Ryder, itís been a good truck and the 5.2 turbo diesel has been a great engine... been across the country several times. Recently I discovered oil in the coolant, took it to a shop and after a few days they said they couldnít work on it, the 5.2 in particular, they have no access to software or parts. Calling around several places said that. Perhaps they didnít want to work on it but that seemed very strange! Iím not sure if itís the same thing as what is being said here? I figured out of curiosity Iíd look into it.

I did find a shop that specializes in trucks and someone who I do business with also recommended them so Iím hopeful theyíll get it fixed. There are a lot of them around, puzzling...
Closed loop firmware/software is in the best interest of manufacturer/distributor/retail networks, but they do get cracked, most commonly with Japanese ďFast and FuriousĒ type vehicles like a muscle car mod ecosystem.

But there are also designs that are done so with intent, or just expected flaws.

One personal example, with our first kid on the way(A long time ago), I bought my wife a used Mercedes S Class as it was the safest car in the world at the time.

But it had a wire loom fault, which was an issue for that particular model.

The wire loom went straight thru the block and compelled a total tear down and rebuilt as per factory/dealer.

A Mercedes trained tech I know bought a bunch of used arthroscopes(keyhole surgery) and replaced the looms without requring tear down and rebuilt.

So sometimes itís planned obsolescence(intent) and sometimes poor design while always trying to win the yin/yang battle between closed systems and ease of owner determined repair.

What little I do know about the Isuzu 5.2 is that is has a crazy high reliability/longevity rating.

It sounds like thr diesel equivalent of the old Slant 6, a really reliable understressed motor.
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