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Right To Repair

At first this seemed rather odd but I believe this is spillover from Tesla and Musk's absolute control over vehicles they produce for the life of the vehicle and then afterward (salvage) as well.

Interesting from a technological perspective as well as the ongoing question of data-ownership. This will also spill into the big-brother and government system when all the states turn to mileage taxes on motor vehicles in order to levy taxes.

Massachusetts Right to Repair


This November, Massachusetts voters will have the opportunity to vote for a ballot initiative that would provide them with access to their mechanical data and would permit them to share that data with the repair shop of their choice. Specifically, this ballot initiative would require:

Prospective owners of motor vehicles to receive a notice when they purchase a vehicle that includes an explanation of motor vehicle telematics and its purposes, a description summarizing the mechanical data collected, stored, and transmitted by a telematics system and the owner’s ability to access the vehicle’s mechanical data through a mobile device and owner’s right to authorize an independent shop to access the mechanical data for the purposes of diagnostics repair and maintenance.

Right to Repair dot org

Auto care dot org
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